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How does lack of sleep affect me?

70% of Americans don't get enough sleep. Sleepiness affects your mood, reaction times, learning, hand-eye coordination, and short-term memory. There are also studies linking lack of sleep to alzheimer's disease, lack of sex drive and risk of having automobile and job accidents. Getting a sleep coach to address the root causes of your sleep issues can provide a dramatic improvement in your overall health.

What is CBT-I?

CBT-I is a proven technique to train your mind and body to get better sleep. It is a structured program that enables individuals to replace thoughts and behaviors that worsen sleep problems with habits that promote sound sleep. The cognitive part helps you to recognize and change negative thoughts that keep you up at night. The behavioral part helps with sleep schedules, and caffeine/alcohol consumption, and use of the bedroom, etc. to make sure you get the most restful sleep.

How does Cleansleep coaching work?

Cleansleep is a streamlined technology platform that allows you to get the benefits of CBT-I directly through your phone. We provide easy to use tools to track your sleep patterns and behaviors, direct access with a personal sleep coach, and daily content on the behaviors that promote good sleep patterns. Cleansleep will train you to incorporate many techniques into your routine for better sleep, including stimulus control, sleep hygiene, sleep environment improvement, relaxation training, sleep restriction, and biofeedback.

Who are the coaches?

Cleansleep’s coaches are trained sleep therapists, holding registered degrees, or other health certificates. They are all recognized by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and have been trained and certified in sleep coaching.

When do I get charged?

First week is completely free- no strings attached. If you are happy with the program, you don't have to do anything and we will automatically charge you the 5-week program cost of $49. Cancel anytime before the week is done if you do not wish to continue.

Refund policy?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, please email for a full refund. We will accept refund requests at any point during or up to 30 days after you complete the program.

How do I cancel?

If you wish to cancel, email us at before the 7th day of your Free Trial and we will not charge you. You can cancel anytime by emailing hello@clean-sleep.

Is Cleansleep for me if I have sleep apnea?

If you have sleep apnea, consult with your doctor to get the appropriate medical advice. Cleansleep is a coaching program and will not be able to solve physical conditions related to sleep. However, if you already have medical supervision for sleep apnea, Cleansleep can help you improve your sleep habits to get better sleep.

If I am feeling drowsy during sleep restriction, is it still safe to drive a car or perform either dangerous activities?

No. If you are feeling drowsy and are practicing sleep restriction, do not drive a car or practice other dangerous activities. Consult with your doctor on when it is safe to drive a car.

Can I participate in Cleansleep if I am currently taking sleeping medication?

If you are currently taking sleeping medication, consult with your doctor to determine if Cleansleep or CBT-I is appropriate for you.

Does Cleansleep work on my Android?

Yes, Cleansleep’s program works on any phone!

Do I need to download an application?

Our coaches will text you directly via SMS and the links to sleep logs will show up directly in your conversation.

Does Cleansleep integrate with my Apple Watch?

While we are building integrations with your Apple Watch, Fitbit, and other sleep tracking devices, we also know that sometimes the best results are self reported so that you can keep the habit 💪

How long does it take to see improvements in my sleep?

You will start to see gains in your sleep after just a few days. You will become more aware of your thought patterns and habits, and start improving them. However, lasting change takes practice and fine tuning. The program is designed to give you lasting results that become ingrained habits over 8 weeks. You can choose to extend further if you want more support.

How does Cleansleep work?

Cleansleep is inspired by the principles of CBT-I. By changing how you think about sleep, your sleep hygiene and habits, we will build new habits to get you to better sleep.

Participants will work with their respective coaches to improve the quality of sleep they get each night. The program includes:

  • (1) personalized sleep plan
  • Daily sleep tracker and tools
  • Daily texts with sleep information and improvements you can do right away
  • Text, call or video sessions with your sleep coach
  • Sleep education resources